Away Notice


Like your phone vacation notice, you will have to turn the Away Notice reply ‘on’ before you leave and turn it ‘off’ when you are back.

In webmail, select Settings and then Filters.

In the How often send messages (in days): box, enter the number for how many days RoundCube should wait before re-sending your vacation auto-reply to someone who emails you more than once while you are away. (In the example here, I enter "3,". A given person will receive your vacation auto-reply the first time they email you, and the won't receive it again for 3 days. If they email you again after 3 days, they'll receive your auto-reply once more.)

Oddly enough you will need to enter your email address at the “My Additional e-mail addresse(s)” field. 

To enable the notice click Save.

To remove the notice check ‘Filter disable’ box, then click Save.

Makes sure your enable the (Default) filter set as well as the 'out of office message'. Use the 'gear' at the bottom to disable or enable.

Then click the plus sign to create a new filter. For example: